Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I get a quote for my character?

A: Sorry but we only offer quotes when we're open for them. We announce when we're open on all of our social media websites, and on here a week or two before we officially accept new commissions.

Q: How much are your fursuits?

A: Fursuit base prices can be found on our "Fursuits" page

Q: Do you revamp old suits?

A: Only suits we've made. We don't like to tinker with someone else's hard work!

Q: Will you finish/fur this head base for me?

A: Again this applies to not messing with others work. I like to start my projects from scratch.

Q: Is it possible to copy this suit's style onto mine?

A: No, I do not copy another style. I work in my own.

Q: Have you ever made the species, [X] before?

A: We are a new fursuit maker, but throw anything you have in mind to us, we're up to the challenge.

Q: When is your next fursuit opening?

A: An estimate when I'll possibly open back up for new commissions can be found in top right on our banner.

Q: Can you finish my suit before [X] con, or by a certain date?

​A: I do not accept deadlines. I do not want to feel rushed and have the quality of your suit be affected. Please also know that during Spring/Fall, I am a full time college student and college work is my number one priority.