Status: CLOSED (Reopening Late 2017)

 Quotes and Pricing Information

Quotes are only given before we officially open, usually a week or two before we take on new commissions. Again, we do not give out quotes unless we're open for them! We will announce this on various social media sites, and by e-mail when you subscribe (Links can be found under Contact). We also only specialize in toony suits at this time!

Prices for our costumes are around$750-$3500. Please know that prices will vary character to character, as some are more complex than others. We offer heads, partials, plantigrade and digitigrade full suits. We do not make parts! Base prices can be found below.

Fursuit Head: $750

Options include 2D or 3D follow me eyes, electronics, 

Partial: $1,200

Includes fursuit head, sleeves, standard or puffy hand paws, tail.

Indoor or outdoor feet paws are an extra $190-250

Plantigrade Full Suit: $1,900

Fursuit head, plantigrade body suit, hand paws, feet paws, tail.

Digitigrade Full Suit: $2,400

Fursuit head, digitigrade padded body suit, hand paws, feet paws, and tail.

Plush Full Suit: $2,900

Fursuit head, padded plush padding with attached hands, feet paws, and tail.