DubMutt Terms of Service

You, the client, are responsible for reading and agreeing to our T.O.S. when making your first payment. Please read everything before ordering!


​Once you receive a quote, this does not mean you have an official slot with us. It is to only give you an idea of how much it would be to make your suit. We will announce when quotes are open on various sites and through email, which you can subscribe to get updates under "Contact". 

Warranty & Returns

​> Every item I create will have a lifetime warranty covering the craftmanship and materials used to create your piece. This does not cover tailoring or damage done by others wearing your fursuit. Repairs or replacements will be covered by DubMutt for free. However, this will be eliminated if the item has been used improperly or abused, altered in any way or form, or if it has soiled due to the owner not properly caring for their item. (Strongly consider getting shipping insurance when it is time to ship out your fursuit or any item.)
> We reserve the right to re-sell any item returned for an exchange or refund as-is, or altered any way we choose. Items must be returned in the best possible condition (considering the circumstances warranting the return) in order for a refund or exchange to be issued.
> If you require a costume that can withstand above average wear, please let us know so that we can quote and construct appropriately. My work is pretty hard to break, meaning they're built strong, but please advise me if you plan to rough house in your suit.

> We also have pets that come out to our work space but this is on rare occasion! I do own birds that will stay in my shop from time to time that do not come in contact however with a customer's commission.

Work in Progress Photos​
I may post WIP of your commission to any of our social media sites.
WIP photos will be sent to the customer of their commission from start to finish to make sure they are happy with the work so far and if there will need to be any changes before it is finished. (Major changes may need to be payed for to buy materials)
The customer may ask for photos of the different types of fur/material I use with a link on where we get the materials from.

Package insurance and Damage​
Your order will come with package insurance of the full value. 
If your order has arrived damaged in anyway please no do not open it. Instead, I urge you to contact me so we can handle this. I will contact the shipping company to settle this issue. The package will then be sent back to me for any repairs if need be.
Overseas shipping issues may be different, but please still contact me if it has been damaged.

Cancellation or Alterations
I reserve the right to cancel the project if the customer is rude, threatening, or unreasonable. 
The project will not be cancelled once I have started on it or once supplies have been bought and the project has begun.
During the process, changes may be made but will be need to be payed for. To avoid this, please be specific on what you want when we begin the first stages in building your suit (Sketch Phase).
If you do not pay your monthly fees in accordance to our payment plan that is agreed to upon project acceptance and cannot keep good e-mail contact, I reserve the right to cancel your commission and refund you only what you have paid towards it, the deposit non-refundable.  If for any reason something comes up that keeps you from being able to pay, simply e-mail me and explain the situation. Failure to do so will result in us assuming you just don’t want to pay, and your commission will be cancelled.

Style and Limits
I will refuse to produce any copyrighted characters unless there is written permission from the company or owner.
I work in my own style, I will not try to reproduce someone else's work. If you want a style but it's not mine, take your business elsewhere.
If you have an over the the top character, I will try my best to reproduce it. Although there will be some cases that there is not physical way that it can be done. I cannot get your character perfect, but I will certainly do my best to translate it into my style.
I will not work with minors (below 18) unless I have a phone call from a legal guardian, and a signed letter.

There are absolutely no deadlines. No exceptions.

Please know that I am a full time college student. School always comes first.

All of my items are shipped through USPS , UPS or Fedex with package tracking (US customers) as well as insurance. I do accept international shipping, however to have tracking for your package you will need to pay for express shipping, which may cost more. Shipping prices are determined on a case by case bases as an additional fee to the agreed final suit costs and will depend on box size and weight, so must be determined at the very end. Your item will not be shipped until the entire project cost has been paid in full, including shipping.
Once you have received your package from DubMutt Costumes, I am NOT responsible for any shipping cost on returned items. Customer is responsible for ALL shipping cost. 

We only accept payment through PayPal only. This is for the protection of both me, and the commissioner. 
You also must be 18 or over to commission DubMutt. If you are under 18, we will need a phone call from your legal guardians for the ok to commission us.
 Payment plans are available, however the minimum monthly payment is $150. The faster payments are sent, the faster you will get your fursuit!

Work on your first will not begin until 75% of the payment has been made. 

This is for our fursuits only. Art Commission TOS can be found on the "ART" page.